Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saving Money Going Green

Saving money going green is easier and getting less expensive everyday. It is time to look at your opportunity to go green. The new modern solar panels or called modules in the industry, are high in efficeincy and lower on cost. Check your area for local and state incentives to help you pay for your solar energy system. There are sites out their that will help you find all the available grants and rebates. Plus there are tax incentives from the Federal Government that will help you aswell.  If you do not have the time to research all this information for yourself, there are companies called developers out there to help you. They will educate you on the solar panels, and other equipment you will need and direct you to qualified installers that will install your system to the local codes. They will also help work with the local utility provider to interconnect your system to the grid. You can expect to pay between $4-$7 per watt for the installed system. That covers everything. Then you subtract your incentives to get your net cost for the system. I some parts of Texas after rebates and tax incentives homeowners have saved 75% of the total installed price within 90 days. In some states like Massachusetts homeowners are cashing checks instead of paying electric bills.

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