Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More ways to save that keep you in hot water

In addition to your new solar system you can save money on using a tank-less hot water heater for your hot water. By setting the water heater temperature to your shower setting temperature to say 99 degrees and when you shower or wash your hands you only need to turn on the hot water. You see you will not be wasting money heating water to 120 degrees and then adding cold water to cool it to 99 degrees to use it. Most people wash their clothes in cold or luke water water, and dishwashers heat their own water. You will save, save, save.

There are various models and brands of tank-less hot water heater on the market this is a picture of one.
Our opinion Rheem is one of the top brands.
They come in various sizes small for a kitchen and one bath and laundry. Medium for kitchen, 4 baths and a laundry. Large for homes with more than 4 baths, kitchen, and laundry.

Commercial units are available for Apartment complexes and Hotels.

Just think save money and have all the hot water you need and never run out...
Eemax 240V 14.6A Single Point Electric Tankless Water Heater - Top FeedThere are cheaper and very effeicent unit available that may not look as pretty but work equally as well. Eemax

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