Monday, September 23, 2013

HVAC Controls and monitoring

You can see your savings from the first day you add monitoring and HVAC controls to you sustainability plan. So my research has proven results of add Monitoring fast and easy and most important cheap. Monitor your energy usage for a month or two, to see where you use the most and where you are wasting it. Then add the HVAC controls and LED lighting retro-fits. I have found only one company using monitoring and HVAC controls free with the LED lighting retro-fits, and lighting controls. They want you to see the results of their work right away. So they package their program. Last of all you add the Solar panels to level out your usage not take it all away just about 50-60% of the power you are using after you have lowered your usage and demand with the other products up to 80% . I have seen huge savings and with the monitoring you can see it for your self from you desk. Check out this link  or
Energy savings and saving money is easy if you break down the parts do the easy cheaper things first and then you will not need as much of the more expense stuff to save you in the long run.
 1. Monitoring = about $10 per month cheap cheap cheap!
2. HVAC controls= a little more expensive than monitoring but less and one year return on investment.
3. LED Lighting and Light controls are a must= Less than 3 year return on investment.

With the above three things you will have cut your energy and demand charges for most companies by 80 -85% and you will be able to watch the savings on your monitoring system. WOW!

Then the last piece to the energy puzzle and yes it is the most expensive part of the plan, but, comes with the best warranty and you also get roof protection and shading that saves on heating and cooling. Your best solar time to produce electricity from your system for free from the sun is during the peak hours. That is when the electricity you buy cost the most but you will be making it for your self.

You have cut your bill down about 80%   so example:

you saved  30% on HVAC controls usage.
you saved 78% on LED lighting usage and demand
you saved 5% on lighting controls usage

you could save up to 100% of your about normal  peak hour usage with solar therefore keeping your bills level and cool in the hot summer months.

Before any changes your annual usage is  300,000 kwhrs @ .097 cents per kwhr and 35 points on demand
Your spending $29,100 in usage and $38,640 in demand charges. Total of $67,740 per year.

add monitoring and cut out waste you could save 5-7% about 18,000 kwhrs saved now you re using  about
282,000 per year you add HVAC controls, save about 30%  about 84,600 kwhr saved now your use is down to 197,000 per year. Add LED Lighting and light sensors (controls) you save between 70-80% on usage and on demand. saving about 148,050 kwhr in usage  and about 15 points on demand (which is big)
now your annual usage is down to 48,950 per year.

after first three steps in this plan you have cut your  usage to 48,950 @ .097 =$4,748.15 in usage and
15 points on demand $16,560 in demand charges, totaling $21,308.15 per year

And instead of needing a 175,000 watt solar system that would have cost your $525,000 or more. You only need a 20,000 watt system to control your energy use at a cost of $60,000 more or less. So by doing steps 1-3 first your saved  $465,000. Now that is saving some GREEN and being SMART..

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

LED Lighting will save the grid

What is the newest thing to do to go green and save energy?

LED lighting retrofits, you use the same lighting fixture and replace the old high energy using bulbs with new LED low energy no maintenance bulbs and save up to 75% of the energy demand from month one. LEDGREENLIGHT sold through US SOLAR ROOF, INC. and authorized dealer for the factory has the lowest pricing and zero down leasing program so you don't even have to put your money up to start saving. LEDGREENLIGHT offers the best warranty in the idustry a full replacement 7 year warranty. 100,000 operating hours. That is twice the competitions lifespan. So it would take two of theirs to last one of LEDGREENLIGHTs bulbs. Plue LEDGREENLIGHT has DLC certification, UL listed, and many others. LED retro fits can be done for tube lighting and HIBAY lighting, and StreetLights. Right now only Commercial and Municipal application apply. But the industry is moving this technology to the residential uses are coming.
The Government does offer tax incentives, the lease is able to be written off, *(check with you CPA)
and Utility companies will sometimes have incentives to help you lower the cost.

City and Government buildings can get a 10 year lease and 10 year warranty.