Thursday, August 23, 2012

Changes you might not be ready for

Changes you might not be ready for in the coming years. Besides black-outs and rolling brown-outs that could last up to weeks. When the electricity is on it will just keep going up as the smart meter allows them to charge time of use billing. This will make us pay a premium for midday peak hours because they can. Supply and demand, "You know!" Take advantage of the public who does nothing to change the future before it gets here. The electric companies will not move to solar because it does not afford them the opportunity to keep raising the price of electricity.

Simply put: 1. Hydro Electric plants are very costly to build, limited on locations they can be put, and can't be used by the general public to take control of their own electric needs. Hydro plants need lots of up keep and only generate when there is enough water behind the dam to generate power. Many employees needed.

Number 2. Nuclear plants are very expensive and very dangerous as we all know. Need I say more.

Number 3. Coal Fire plants are expensive to build, takes many employees to run and maintain, expensive fuel cost in Texas alone cost of coal for electricity is over $12,800,000.00 per year. That puts 252 mega tons of pollution into our air. Good Grief Charlie Brown we should be able to do something better than that. I say that cost is to great!

Number 4. Nature gas, first off there is nothing natural about it. You know they have to drill to get it that is costly because of the risk of failure. Then they are fracking to pull the gas out of the shale. To frack they pump liquid ( and they are not required to tell you or the government what liquid into the well to bring up the gas. That is causing earthquakes in Texas and Oklahoma that did not have them before. Plus they are damaging our water table where we get our drinking water. Then they burn it to make electricity and pollute our air. Maybe not as much as Coal Fire but they pollute both air and water.

Number 5. Wind, is expensive to put up because you need a lot of space to put one of those hugh wind turbines. You have large moving parts which creates liability, and maintenance issues. But does not need a lot of employees, don't have to buy fuel to operate, and does not pollute anything but our view. Normal people can't put them in their yard for personal use either.

Number 6. Solar, You pay for your 30 or 40 years worth of electricity up front at a big savings, but big hurt up front. If you are paying 9.5 cents per kilowatt hour today in 20 years you could be paying 59 cents for the same kilowatt hour without doing anything just keep paying your electric company for their service. Or pay up front for your electric at 2.5 to 3 cents per kilowatt hour for 10,000 watts and not have any increases to your electric bill. Levelize your cost and transfer the system to the new owner if you sell your house and most likely recover your initial cost back at that time since you already would have taken advantage of the 30% federal tax credit, the 50% accelerated depreciation and the savings on your electricity for however long you used the system up to that point. You made a big step to saving the planets air, and water, had little to no maintenance, no liability, you can put it on your roof or in the yard, make a car port with it.
If utility company would go solar, no pollution, little employee, no fuel cost, no liability, decreasing cost of electricity, easy growth potential just add more panels as the need grows solar utilities can grow with the demand. Energy from the Sun, What make more sense to you?

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